Let’s Begin Again

I always feel a renewed sense of purpose and focus after any travel or vacation, but I have been notorious (mostly to myself) for my inability to do the following things after I have traveled and obtained that new sense of purpose.

(1)Maintain momentum beyond a few months with that purpose.
(2)Maintain day-to-day energy.
(3)Communicate my goals and purpose to my wife and work with her to achieve those goals.
(4)Keep on target for specific goals.
(5)Review goals on a regular basis.

This is a repeat cycle that in my life I am actually very tired of and trying to figure out how to break.  This next year in particular I feel it is imperative to break the cycle.  I have a few ideas how to do this that will involve a lot of pain and sacrifice on my part, on the part of my wife and on the part of my family overall.

Some of the goals I want to achieve over the next year include
(1)An additional work-related certification that goes beyond my existing technical skills.
(2)To make my job into something I can not feel completely drained by.
(3)To have designated days and time for family meetings for both financial and directional goals for our family.
(4)To improve communication with my family, both my wife and daughter.
(5)To have a financially progressive livelihood. This might mean making more money or simply coming up with a better budget, but it means having money to set aside.

I have already discussed much of this with my wife and she thinks meeting briefly for five minutes a day to stay on focus is a good thing.  I think a longer meeting once a week to supplement that is also a good idea.

Other things I think will help:
(1)A whiteboard or easel with hanging pads for large writing down of major goals, ideas, etc.
(2)A family schedule (this was suggested by Jenn) to give us ideas about how each day will be.

I also need to make changes where I work. That will come in another entry.

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