Feb 08

Moving From Planning Stages To Tasks and Implementation Stages

One of the primary tasks I have been working on for a few weeks now is setting goals to work on over the next year for my Focus Project. Following the plan I set out on last year to have five areas of focus, this year I specifically set out to limit each area of focus to five goals total. If I reach/complete a goal in one of the areas, then I can add a new goal to work toward. Five areas of focus. Five goals under each are. Some of the goals are big, long-term types of goals that will likely just get milestones accomplished, which is fine. Other goals are small, every day small activities that lead to a larger goal being accomplished through small bits of self discipline. All of the goals each require me to focus and plan and accomplish some sets of tasks, though.

Moving on to those tasks is the challenge, though. Planning is its own tasks, of course, and it’s very easy to get myself caught up in the planning of the tasks and thinking through them and what all the steps are and then… not doing the damned things! Instead, I just plan, plan, plan. Brains are full of dumb when it comes to this sort of thing. It’s easy to convince myself that “Well, this IS part of getting the tasks done.” when I’m only doing the planning for the overall Focus Project. And that is exactly why I coming here to write as part of the whole thing: to remind myself that you can’t accomplish anything just by planning. There has to be the moving on stage when you begin working on the tasks and implementing some of them.

I have now reached the point that the planning phase starts to become the scheduling phase for tasks that need accomplished to move toward goals in each area of focus. Instead of getting up early to focus on the Focus Project itself, I will soon start getting up early to spend focus task times on specific tasks that need to be accomplished as baby steps toward the milestone that need to be reach in order to achieve the goal.

It goes like this for me (and probably many others): Idea for Focus Project. Determine areas of focus. Determine goals to be reached in those areas of focus. Determine measurable units, milestone markers, baby steps, attainability, relevance, time boundaries and plans to achieve the goal. It’s easy to get stuck in the planning of all of this, but today is when I stare it in the face and start scheduling the work toward the baby steps and milestones and then actually performing the work itself. Good morning Focus Project implementation phase. Let’s get started.