Feb 01

Almost Two Years

It has been almost two years since I did ANYTHING with this blog or with CSBMonkey. Interesting. To say I’ve been waylaid by jackassery would be quite an understatement.

My life has changed by about 95% since my last post in 2013.  I have weird habits of coming back to things. And here I am, back to this thing.

Today I had to pick up the gauntlet of taking control of my financial life again. I have been good in the past at being in charge of it, and I made an effort to shift these tasks and responsibilities to someone else, but I have a significantly higher need for knowledge and control over things as well as having some planning capabilities than the person I had turned it over to.  Basically, I want more than just tracking and covering bases.  Those are minimal acceptable standards for managing my financial management, and the past six months have been such that all of my focus has been elsewhere such as moving, job hunting, job acceptance and training myself at the job, getting organized at the job, learning the people and culture of the job, dealing with a house and the stuff in the house the belong to a passed away family member.

Indeed, the death of a significant family member one year ago today that set off a total shift in our lives from one city and culture to another city and culture. For the past six months, instead of a fairly simply financial life we went to a fairly complex family life.  Instead of a job that I was at a standstill, I am at a job that may or may not have meaning and possibilities to move forward.  Instead of just maintaining, I am trying to move forward and progress over the next ten years so I can start focusing on other things entirely in life.

Getting back in control of our financial life is a launching point. I am very tired of being disorganized over the past seven months of so, and I feel like I may be to the point where I simply have to railroad my way through my own family to get us back on track.  I do not like doing that, or being the person to do it, but there’s no magic bullet or magic time in getting people on board with becoming organized if they are not inclined toward the same type of organizational desires you have.