Starting Off With An Organized Frame Of Mind

One of the biggest challenges I faced at my last job was falling into a disorganized frame of mind on a regular basis. With a tendency to cast the reason for this on external forces, I would sometimes end up falling into a bit of ‘learned helplessness’.  It’s easy to do, and hard to recognize and pull out of.

I am setting out on a new adventure today with the beginning of a new job with a new company. And I am asking myself some questions as a form of hierarchical improvement:

(1) How can I start with and stay in and retain and organized frame of mind?
(2) How can I keep my internal locus of control knowing the type of work I do specifically is about external forces making requests of me?
(3) How can I keep my helping attitude throughout?
(4) Will I be able to keep seeing the positive in every person I work with?

And, of course, a million other questions flowing through my mind this morning. But these stand out.  I want to feel confident, stay focused, stay organized, stay enthusiastic, remain positive, and I want to keep my internal locus of control. None of these can be accomplish or continued without being mindful.

One exercise I started with immediately upon getting my job offer was to reserve two pages in a notebook and simply write down “WHAT CAN I DO BETTER AT THE NEXT JOB?” The primary things that showed up were that I will concentrate on having better focus, better follow through, and better concentration, with concentration showing up as a part of focus in the form of “read emails all the way through before reacting or responding”.  i.e. again, simply, mindfulness. 

Let’s see where this new adventure goes and let’s see if I can blog about it in the most positive ways possible. Life is full up a lot of choices, and I spent a lot of time choosing to be miserable and negative up until the last year. I want to keep choosing to be thriving and positive. Not even happy, but simply thriving.

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