Showing Up Is Half The Battle

Showing up for yourself to do anything is half the battle. To job hunt. To work when you find a job. For parenting. For living life.

Showing up is really more than half the battle, it pretty much is all of it. You don’t do it when you don’t show up. Presence is everything.

Your physical body there isn’t enough. That’s not being there, showing up, or presence. That is your body existing in the same spot as an event.

The current phrase in use is “mindfulness”, and all it means is being aware and present. It sounds easy but has become increasingly difficult for a lot of us that are fueled by the next thing to come up.

I am going to try to show up and be present for more things in my creative life, my financial life and my parenting life (not necessarily in that order).

For my creative life that means finding making and scheduling moments to write, draw, and sit down and make things.  For my financial life it means doing the small things every day that lead to the big things happening and growing. For my parenting life it means the most, which is paying attention to my words, tones, and reactions to my daughter.

For today, it means starting somewhere. That’s here. Just to write, journal, and get it out. I’ve done it off and on for years, and I can’t imagine how many words have came and went. But I’m curious if I can finally make some bad habits of the past few years turn around and create on a regular basis.


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