Create, Consume, Move Along, Move Forward, Stand Still

Life and all the things around it have had their impact. I keep getting older despite the best efforts to think my way out of that situation, life keeps having a set of demands brought on by my own choices and the world around me. I’ve created things in the past, minor things, but have at least made something. I have consumed many things in the past, leaving a trail of experiences in my wake for some, and leaving nothing much else to show for those things.

(Tangentially, that might explain a lot about Americans and humans in general. Collecting things results from experiencing things getting smaller and smaller as they grow older, or as they grow dumber. Perhaps hoarding is best explained by a lack of experiences. Collecting and buying are micro-experiences, but having the thing is the price you pay for it. Dealing with the thing forever on after. Managing all the things.)

Consuming creates something, though: moving along. Moving from moment to moment without experiencing anything, it’s like standing still. Moving along is pretty much the standing still of consuming. You pop from consuming experience to consuming experience without much to show for it except things, thus things come to have great importance. After some time, they come to be the only important thing. The THINGS are the thing.

And you either move along standing still with all the things because you can no longer drag them along with you, or you lose the things and you move forward. You lose things, you move forward

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